The Research Center of Supercritical Extraction Processes is a part of SemiCommercial Research Department.

Universal test and production plant

  • two extractors (operating capacity about 2.2 m3 each, diameter 1 m),
  • operating parameters: pressure 200-530 bar, temperature up to 100°C,
  • production capacity: 600-2000 t/a, based on a raw material, depending on its kind.

Research work

  • supercritical extraction of plant raw materials and natural products,
  • fractionation of products prepared by supercritical extraction method,
  • pre-treatment of raw materials for extraction (i.e. drying, grounding, and granulation of plant materials in inert gas atmosphere).

New technologies

  • development of new waste-free technologies with application of supercritical fluids – an offer for various industrial branches: food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and feed.

Extract production

  • oleoresins (from ground pods of sweet red paprika),
  • multiunsaturated oils (e.g. from strawberry, currant, raspberry, chokeberry, rose, squash, flax, and saw palmetto seeds),
  • herbal essential oils (e.g. from fennelflower),
  • lecithin from dried hen egg yolks.

Institute provides

The Center was founded as a result of a project co-financed by European Union (Construction of the Research Center of Supercritical Extraction Processes of plant raw materials with CO2).

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