The Fertilizer Research Center is a part of Fertilizer Department.

Semicommercial plants:

Test plant of fertilizer granulation

  • complete equipment for fertilizer mechanical granulation (various techniques),
  • modern measuring and controlling equipment,
  • semi-commercial scale provides reliable conversion of test results onto industrial scale.

Research work

  • production technologies of new inorganic fertilizers,
  • solving production problems of fertilizer industry,
  • utilization of wastes from other industrial branches for fertilization purposes.

Test plant of liquid, clear, and suspension fertilizers

  • a complete plant for production of liquid, clear, and suspension fertilizers,
  • batch unit of capacity 10 – 80 l/ batch.

Research work

  • production technologies of liquid, clear, and suspension fertilizers and of new fertilizers having nanosize particles,
  • micronization technology of fertilizer raw materials with wet and dry methods,
  • technology optimization of liquid fertilizer production,
  • preparation of liquid fertilizer sample lots for agricultural tests.


  • Laboratory for assessment of fertilizer physicochemical properties: determination of fertilizer granule mechanical strength, grinding strength and caking susceptibility; size analysis, moisture content determination,
  • Laboratory of liquid fertilizers: viscosity determination, grain size analysis, determination of crystallization temperature,
  • Research laboratory of fertilizer granulation processes: studies on granulation possibility of various fertilizer raw materials, determination of technological conditions of running processes on semicommercial scale,
  • Laboratory of operating analyses: analysis of chemical composition of fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials,
  • Laboratory of thermal analyses: safety estimation of production processes of new composition fertilizers from various types of raw materials, quality assessment of prepared fertilizer products.

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