The laboratory is a part of Department of Organic Technologies.


  • plastics granulation line,
  • a line for film extrusion with blowing method,
  • a line for film extrusion with a flat head in horizontal and vertical configurations,
  • a high-speed mixer,
  • a plastics dryer with molecular sieves.

Research work

  • preparation technology of thermoplastic starch (TPS),
  • development of new mixtures of biodegradable polymer materials based on renewable plant raw materials,
  • optimization of production process of various types of biodegradable multilayer films with blowing extrusion method and flat head extrusion method,
  • investigation of plastics mechanical properties and their thermal analysis.


Laboratory of Biodegradable Plastics was founded as a part of a project „Foundation of Puławy Science-Technology Park and preparation of investment grounds” (Puławski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny)



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