Research Groups

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Fertilizers Research Group

  • Inorganic and mineral-organic fertilizers
  • Feed additives and intermediates for their production
  • Unit processes and operations with special regard to various granulation methods
  • Environmental protection in production of fertilizers and feed additives
  • Utilization of industrial and municipal wastes for production of fertilizers
  • Chemical technologies on a similar technical level for other production kinds

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Catalysts Research Group

  • Catalysts and sorbents for preparation processes of synthesis gases:
    • purification of raw materials (HDS catalysts, selective sorbents of sulfur and chlorine compounds),
    • steam reforming of hydrocarbons, water-gas shift, COx methanation,
    • processing of coal and biomass gasification products.
  • Catalysts for ammonia and methanol synthesis
  • Catalysts for hydrogenation of benzene, hardening of oils and fats Benzene and fat hydrogenation catalysts
  • Catalysts for processes connected with environmental protection, e.g. for N2O decomposition
  • Supports and inert materials

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Supercritical Extraction Research Group

  • Supercritical extraction of natural raw materials (oils, resins, dyes, etc.)
  • Fractionation of products obtained by means of supercritical extraction
  • New technologies with application of supercritical fluids: micronization, encapsulation, catalytic processes, oxidation in supercritical water

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Biodegradable Polymers Research Group

  • Preparation technology of thermoplastic starch (TPS)
  • New mixtures of biodegradable polymers based on plant raw materials
  • Optimization of production process of multilayer biodegradable films (methods: blowing extrusion and flat head extrusion)
  • Optimization of (bio)composites manufacture process

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Analytical Laboratory

  • Comprehensive chemical and physicochemical analyses of solids, liquids, and gases
  • Environmental testing – water, air, liquid wastes
  • Inorganic fertilizers, plant growing agents – assessment of their quality according to the local (Polish)1 and European2 fertilizer regulations
  • Fertilizer conditioners

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