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The research plant for separation of hydrogen with the quality of cell fuels at the coke plant will be erected with the involvement of Łukasiewicz – INS

On the 12th of October 2023, the contract for erection and start-up of the plant for separation of hydrogen from coke gas was signed in the coke plant Koksownia Przyjaźń in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The consortium composed of the following members will be responsible for the realisation of the project: the Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing in Zabrze – as the leader and the Łukasiewicz Research Network - New Chemical Synthesis Institute – as a Partner. During the meeting, Łukasiewicz - INS was represented by Bartosz Moszowski, Director of NitroSynCat R&D Centre.

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Scientists of Łukasiewicz – INS participated in the 22nd International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization

Crystallization is the key process used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and it is also the most common method of producing the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Yearly International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization ISIC, which took place in Glasgow in the UK, attracted researchers and producers of advanced research equipment and representatives of industry.

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Łukasiewicz and the Polish-Swiss Cooperation

Technologies of future as stimulator of development of modern societies; technological cooperation of Poland and Switzerland: areas, priorities, challenges was the title of panel in which Deputy Director for research participated within the 3rd Polish Economic & Technology Forum that took place on 18-19 of September in Bern in Switzerland.

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