2019   logo sbl_ins     Incorporation of the New Chemical Syntheses Institute into the Łukasiewicz Research Network.
2014       Renaming of the Institute for
2010       Incorporation of the Inorganic Chemistry Institute (IChN) into INS as an independent division
1968       Relocation of the Institute seat from Tarnów to Puławy
1958       Transformation of the Tarnów branch of ISCh into an independent research unit named FERTILIZERS RESEARCH INSTITUTE (INS) seated in Tarnów
1952       Transformation of CLD into a division of the Institute of Chemical Synthesis in Gliwice (ISCh)
1947       Transformation of the Research Laboratory into Central Experimental Laboratory (CLD)
1935       Foundation of the Research Laboratory of United Nitrogen Works in Mościce and Chorzów

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