After years of attempts made and numerous applications submitted, we got it! Łukasiewicz – INS will be implementing the innovative project financed with European Funds Horizon Europe under Circular Bio-Based Europe. The project with acronym ROBOCOOP (circular bioecOnomy Business mOdels owned by agroCOOPeratives), which will be implemented by the Consortium composed of 22 European institutions from 8 countries, includes break-through solutions for agricultural sector. The project involves implementation of valorisation of waste from grapes, olives and stone fruits for diversification of activities of small and medium agricultural cooperatives and farms. The scope of project covers development of industrial zero-waste biorefinery for wide variety of feedstocks (based on existing processes of bio compounds extraction and valorisation of waste) and development of new products. Within Living Labs, partners and interested persons will be searching for optimal and joint intersectoral solutions for valorisation and management of post-production waste.

Value of the entire project is EUR 6 295210 and its realization is planned for 3 years. The project’s coordinator is Universidad de Extremadura from Spain. The main author of the project and its manager is Katarzyna Tyśkiewicz PhD and the project was written with the participation of Associate Professor Marcin Konkol and Magdalena Woźniakowska.

Circular bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking is the partnership that funds projects advancing competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe. It is joint partnership between the European Union and Bio-based Industries Consortium.


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