During this year’s World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies “Brussels INNOVA 2016”, (Brussels, 17-19th November 2016), the New Chemical Syntheses Institute Inorganic Chemistry Division "IChN" in Gliwice and Grupa Azoty S.A. in Tarnow was awarded a gold medal and a special prize in the category of Chemical Engineering for the invention: "Method for treatment of effluents containing sodium sulfate".

The exhibition is the most prominent international event in the field of inventions exhibition dedicated to the transfer of technology and implementation of technological developments.

Authors of the invention: B. Pisarska, R. Dylewski, B. Cichy, M. Nowak, H. Jaroszek, W. Mikołajczak, H. Stopa, P. Baran, M. Gruszka, P. Markowicz.


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