Laboratory of Bioactive Compounds is a part of Supercritical Extraction Department.

Studies on:

  • Separation of biologically active compounds with a vacuum distillation method,
  • Separation of biologically active compounds with CPC method,
  • Analysis of extract compositions including content of oils, essential oils, and other chemical compounds,
  • Standardization of plant extract compositions,
  • Encapsulation of bioactive compounds.


  • A unit for thin layer distillation in high vacuum conditions,
  • A unit for vacuum distillation with a rectifying column,
  • Supercritical chromatograph,
  • GC/MS chromarograph,
  • GC/TOF-MS chromatograph with time of flight mass spectrometer,
  • LC/MS chromatograph,
  • Microwave oven for extraction,
  • Laboratory kit for extraction of plant raw materials from Waters Company,
  • IR spectrophotometer,
  • Encapsulator,
  • Evaporator,
  • Freeze dryer,
  • Bag making machine.


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