• Nitric acid and its salts
  • Hydroxylamine
  • Melamine
  • Reduction of NOx emission from waste gases
dr hab. inż. Marcin Wilk


  • Technologies of nitric acid and its salts.
  • Hydroxylamine technology.
  • Melamine technology.
  • Reduction of NOx emission from waste gases. 



  • Development of basic engineering for new nitric acid plants and for revamped ones.
  • Supervision over equipment assembly for nitric acid plants or for their units.
  • Tests on pilot scale of catalysts for the following processes: ammonia oxidation, high and low temperature catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide.
  • Tests on pilot and industrial scale of NOx emission reduction processes from waste gases from nitric acid plants, coal and natural gas combustion, in gases from metal etching or pickling and in gases from nitric acid salt decomposition.
  • Design work concerning:
    • nitric acid technology,
    • neutralization unit in the process of nitrate fertilizer production,
    • hydroxylamine and melamine technologies.
  • Author supervision over practical application of catalysts for nitrous oxide emission reduction. 




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