Catalyst: KUT



The KUT catalyst is used in various hydrogenation processes of natural oils and animal fats in a wide range of temperature and pressure.



The catalytic material is pre-reduced nickel-alumina mixture containing highly dispersed active nickel. It is mixed with diatomaceous earth for better filterability and coated with a hardened vegetable fat as protective medium. The catalyst is delivered as pellets/droplets.


Chemical composition Ni/NiO/Al2O3, diatomaceous
earth, hardened fat
Form pellets/droplets
Size [mm] 4 ÷ 8



  • very high activity and good resistance to catalyst poisons
  • good filterability
  • good hardening results under various working conditions
  • rapid distribution of the catalyst in the oil
  • safe and simple handling of the catalyst
  • suitable for Kosher applications

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