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High-alumina supports can be applied in many processes of various branches of chemical industry. They can be used in catalytic reactors as additional top/bottom layers of the catalyst beds as well as an inert packing of void spaces in the reactors.



The supports are manufactured in the form of balls of various diameter or multi-hole rings. Independently of the form, high-alumina supports are characterized by very high mechanical strength, low attrition, resistance to sharp changes of process parameters as well as resistance to various chemical media.


  High-alumina balls High-alumina rings
  Diameter ["]:
Dimensions (D/n×d/H) [mm]:
Attrition [wt%] max. 1
Resistance to thermal shocks [%] ** 100

* available (on demand) with other diameters
** determined after 10 cycles of shock cooling (in water) from 800 to 20 °C  



  • very high mechanical strength
  • high attrition resistance
  • stability at very high temperatures
  • non-reactive, high resistance to various chemical media

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