Catalysts: PKR-1 and PKR-2



The catalyst is designed for the nitrous oxide (N2O) decomposition at the conditions of ammonia oxidation process in the nitric acid plants. The catalyst bed is placed just under catalytic gauzes without the necessity of the burner reconstruction. The catalyst is manufactured in the form of tablets (PKR-1) or extrudates (PKR-2).



  • The co-precipitated PKR-1 and PKR-2 catalysts consist mainly of active iron oxide (III) and alumina as a support, which enhances their mechanical strength, as well as ensures developed catalytic structure.
  • The catalyst is delivered in the form of tablets (PKR-1) and cylindrical extrudates (PKR-2).
  PKR-1 PKR-2
Chemical composition Fe2O3, Al2O3
Form tablets extrudates



  • high and stable activity, N2O decomposition up to 95%,
  • high selectivity; the catalyst does not cause decomposition of nitric oxide (NO) but it increases the degree of NH3 to NO conversion
  • low and stable pressure drops
  • high mechanical strength


Awards and prizes

2011 - Gold Medal – International Chemical Industry Trade Fair EXPOCHEM, Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations, Katowice.

2010 - Silver Medal - International Exhibition “Innovations, Inventions and New Products” IENA, Nuremberg.

2009 - The Environment Minister Prize for excellent scientific and research achievements in the field of environmental protection, adaptation and planning for “Formulating and introducing a catalytic method of nitrous oxide reduction from nitric acid plants in Anwil S. A. in Włocławek”, Warsaw.

2009 - Gold Medal - 37-th International Exhibition of Inventions “Modern Technology and Products”, Geneva.

2009 - Grand Prix - International Chemical Industry Trade Fair EXPOCHEM, Katowice.

2008 - Gold Medal - International Exhibition of Inventions IWIS, Warsaw.

2007 - Silver Medal – International Trade Fair of Technological Innovations BRUSSELS EUREKA, Brussels.

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