Catalysts: PS-3-INS, PS-3-INS-R series



The PS-3-INS and PS-3-INS-R catalysts are designed for synthesis of ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen.



The PS-3-INS (oxide form) and PS-3-INS-R (pre-reduced form) are alloy catalysts. The main component of the catalyst is magnetite and promoters. The pre-reduced catalyst contains metallic iron. Promoters ensure high activity of the catalyst, good thermal stability as well as resistance to overheating.


Chemical composition magnetite, promoters Fe/FeO
magnetite, promoters
Form irregular grains
Size (D) [mm] 1.5 ÷ 3; 3 ÷ 5; 5 ÷ 8; 6 ÷ 10; 8 ÷ 12



  • high and stable activity
  • high thermal stability
  • high attrition resistance and low dusting
  • long proved life-time of the catalyst

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